The 1st China-Canada Symposium on Structural and Earthquake Engineering

The 1st CCSSEE will be hosted at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, from August 20-24, 2017.


Please follow the link below to access the detailed schedule.

CCSSEE Program

Videos & Abstracts

Technical Presentations

DAY 1:

Opening Ceremony
Chairs: Prof. Tony T.Y. Yang, Prof. Carlos Ventura, Prof. Haibei Xiong

Session I – State-of-the-art research in structural & earthquake engineering
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Tony T.Y. Yang

Session II: State-of-the-art research in seismic design
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Haibei Xiong

Session III: High performance structural systems
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Robert Driver

Session IV: Foundation and ground motion research
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Feng Xiong

DAY 2:

Session V: Seismic isolation
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Dimitrios Konstantinidis

Session VI: Seismic performance of new materials and systems
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Adam Lubell

Session VII: Seismic design of bridges
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Lizhong Jiang

Session VIII: Structural performance and assessment
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. David Lau

DAY 3:

Session IX: Structural health monitoring
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Carlos Ventura

Session X: Advanced structural testing
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Weidong Zhuo

Three Minute Thesis (3MT)

Session I
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Jianping Han

Session II
Video 1, Video 2 and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Tracy Becker

Session III
Video and Abstracts
Chair: Prof. Wei Guo



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