2017 Symposium

The 1st China-Canada Symposium on Structural and Earthquake Engineering

The 1st CCSSEE will be hosted at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, from August 20-24, 2017.


Since 2008, Tongji University and the University of British Columbia have been working together as a strong alliance in collaborative research. They have created the Tongji-UBC Symposium which meets bi-annually for students, researchers, and industry professionals to exchange ideas. This Symposium has grown significantly with now over 10 top universities from China and Canada participating. It has been renamed as the China-Canada Symposium on Structural and Earthquake Engineering (CCSSEE). CCSSEE provides a unique international and multi-disciplinary platform of communication and discussion. It is framed by a series of technical sessions and 3-minute-these presentations from students in all aspects of structural and earthquake engineering.

Participating Universities



Please see this page for the full program and schedule of the 1st CCSSEE.