OpenSees Navigator

OpenSees Navigator is a graphical user interface (GUI) pre- and post-processor for the OpenSees software framework.  It was written in MATLAB, but can be run as a stand-alone application.

Why Use OpenSees Navigator?

OpenSees Navigator provides:

  • Flexible and user-friendly GUI
  • Visualization of OpenSees model geometry
  • Templates to quickly define geometry
  • Database of AISC and CISC steel sections
  • Design checks and other post-processing tools
  • A way to use OpenSees without programming TCL files
  • Visualization of analysis results, such as mode shapes, node displacements, and element forces

Geometry Templates PrtScr capture

How do I get OpenSees Navigator?

The latest version of OpenSees Navigator can be downloaded from the PEER website here!

How do I use OpenSees Navigator?

Three tutorials for OpenSees Navigator are available here, or by clicking the link on the sidebar menu. The tutorial videos show the procedure to model and analyse a simple truss, 2D frame, and 3D frame structure in OpenSees Navigator.