Testing Plan

The specimen will undergo 5 phases of shaking table tests at the shaking table array facility in Tongji university:

  • Phase A, the outrigger-cantilever-rocking-wall system will be tested under unidirectional shaking.
  • Phase B, the proposed coupled-rocking-wall will be tested under unidirectional shaking under four shaking intensities.
  • Phase C, the outrigger-cantilever-rocking-wall and the coupled-rocking-wall systems will be tested under bi-directional shaking.
  • Phase D, the outrigger will be removed and the rocking wall will be tested under unidirectional shaking. The result will be used to compare the effect with and without outrigger system.
  • Phase E, the rocking base will be locked to allow the wall to behave as a cantilever wall to confirm the design of the RC wall with the low shear design and without the energy dissipation devices.

Shake table testing plan