China-Canada Symposium

The Tongji – UBC Symposium is an ongoing knowledge sharing and collaboration effort between Tongji University and the University of British Columbia. The purpose of the Tongji-UBC Symposium is to foster collaboration between leading researchers at the University of British Columbia, Tongji University, and industry professionals, in the pursuit of mitigating seismic risk. The symposium is held every other year and alternates location between Tongji University in Shanghai and UBC’s Vancouver Campus.

The Symposium was initiated in 2008 between the State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction at Tongji University and the Earthquake Engineering Research Facility (EERF) at UBC. The motivation for these workshops was the result of lessons learned from past seismic events, such as the 2004 Sumatra and the 2008 Wenchuan, earthquakes.  We share a common interest in a mutual exchange of knowledge and technology between the Tongji University and UBC earthquake engineering groups.  It is envisioned that each Symposium will also provide a forum for presentations from students involved in Earthquake Engineering from both universities. Each workshop is an opportunity to provide a pleasant experience for young researchers to exchange their extensive knowledge, ideas, and culture.

Mitigating seismic risk is more than a critical research theme in terms of its social and economic impact: it lies at the heart of our ability to maintain the fabric of our societies. It is also a very difficult problem. Through collaboration, we are able to draw upon each others research strengths to develop effective strategies which contribute equally to reducing each countries respective seismic risk.


2017 Symposium (UBC)

1st China-Canada Symposium on Structural & Earthquake Engineering (CCSSEE)

The 2017 Symposium is fast approaching! It will be held at UBC University from August 20-24.

2015 Symposium (Tongji)

Facing Earthquake Challenges Together

The 2015 Symposium was a great success! Presentations from the 2015 symposium are available here

2013 Symposium (UBC)

Modern Solutions to Seismic Risk Mitigation

The 2013 Symposium was a great success. Presentations from the 2013 symposium are available here