AI and Smart Technologies

Subgroup team composition

Xiao Pan

Research Fellow


Yifei Xiao

PhD Candidate

Sina Tavasoli

PhD Candidate 

Mohsen Azimi

PhD Candidate

Elmira Faraji

MASc Candidate

Zhongwei Chen

MASc Candidate 

Fan Xie

MASc Candidate


Saudah Gazi

Undergraduate Intern (2022-present)

The University of British Columbia


Wanyan Yang

Undergraduate Intern (2023-2023)

Harbin Institute of Technology

Ruiwu Liu

Undergraduate Intern (2023-2023)

Wuhan University of Technology




Research projects

Our research in this subdomain is focused on developing AI-based automation methods in civil, structural and earthquake engineering applications, including 1) structural health monitoring, 2) novel experimental testing and simulation methods, and 3) automated modular construction. This is achieved by developing and validating AI, computer vision, multi-sensor fusion, and robotic technologies, through computer simulations, laboratory tests, and field applications.
We have published our research outcomes in high-impact top journals in civil, structural, and earthquake engineering such as: Computer-aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, Engineering Structures, Journal of Building Engineering, ASCE-Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE-Journal of Bridge Engineering.

1. Structural health monitoring


Post-disaster structural damage detection and repair cost estimation through computer vision and deep learning methods

Members: Xiao Pan and T.Y. Yang


An end-to-end 3D vision-based pipeline for structural damage detection and quantification

Members: Xiao Pan, Soham Vaze, Sina Tavasoli, Mohsen Azimi, Tianyi Li, and T.Y. Yang


Drone-based autonomous inspection of bolted connections

Members: Xiao Pan, Sina Tavasoli, and T.Y. Yang


Structural inspection pipeline using collaborative UGV and UAV

Members: Xiao Pan, Mohsen Azimi, Sina Tavasoli, Yingnan Bao, Yifei Xiao, and T.Y. Yang


Damage detection of reinforced masonry structures

Members: Xiao Pan,  Elmira Faraji, and T.Y. Yang


2. Novel experimental testing and simulation

AI and vision-aided real-time structural vibration measurement

Members: Xiao Pan, Yifei Xiao, Mohsen Azimi, and T.Y. Yang


AI-aided seismic design and evaluation of tall wood sculpture structure

Members: Xiao Pan, Fan Xie, Ben Ernewein, and T.Y. Yang


AI-aided numerical modelling of steel corrugated frameless system

Members: Xiao Pan, Soham Vaze, and T.Y. Yang


3. Automated modular construction using robotic technologies

Robotic modular construction

Members: Xiao Pan, Yifei Xiao, Zhongwei Chen, Fan Xie, Yingnan Bao, and T.Y. Yang