Structural Fuses


Honeycomb Structural Fuses (HSF)

Members: T.Y. Yang, Tianyi Li, Lisa Tobber and Xiao Pan

Buckling Restrained Knee Braced Truss Moment Frames (BRKBTMF)

Members: T.Y. Yang, Yuanjie Li and Sutat Leelataviwat

Dual-Fused H-Frame Modular Seismic Force Resisting System

Members: Hamidreza Etebarian and T.Y. Yang

Switch-based Hybrid Simulation Technology for Earthquake Engineering Applications

Members: T.Y. Yang, Dorian P. Tung, Yuanjie Li, Jian-Yuan Lin and Wei Guo

Welded Wide Flange Fuse (WWFF)

Members: Winda Banjuradja, Lisa Tobber, Jian-Yuan Lin, Dorian Tung and T.Y. Yang